Accelerated Battle of Baidu Cup National Network Security Technology held against the tournament

On March7, by the Baidu company, Tsinghua University and Peking University's securitytechnical experts to provide technical support, Zijin Jiangning, Nanjing Cyber Peace contractors, for thenationwide network security technology combat competition will be held tomorrowin Nanjing Zijin Jiangning online qualifying The
In order to ensure the normal conduct of the competition, the official websiteof the competition in particular by the well-known domestic cloud accelerationplatform to accelerate the provision of security services, against anycompetition for the official website, including DDoS attacks, including hackerattacks. Accelerated Music has successfully won the 2013 Asian Youth Games, theNinth China International Garden Fair, Fortune Global Forum and other majorevents held successfully in the domestic and international network securityindustry has a huge amount of users and influence, and its recent jointGuangdong Provincial Communications Authority to carry out the province'swebsite security services activities.
This competition uses the most cutting-edge CTF (Capture Flag) form of puzzlechallenge and field confrontation, providing the most realistic networkenvironment for the players, so far the highest level of technology in China'snetwork attack and defense against! And the championship will receive 50,000yuan in cash awards, and have the opportunity to include Baidu, TsinghuaUniversity and Peking University laboratory internship opportunities. It isexpected that the contestants will reach 2 thousand people.
Baidu anti-virus and Baidu Guardian product team for the contest sponsor, knowChuangyu, IDF laboratory, Tsinghua University, Peking University and otherrelevant experts to form expert guidance committee.
It is understood that the competition is divided into two stages, respectively,online qualifying and live finals, online qualifying for the March 8 to 10, forthe final qualification of the team will be May 2 to 4 to " Jiangning'speak "for the simulation scene of the scene final.