CyberPeace Cyber Security Contest Platform support Jiangsu police academy team selection contest

March 3, Jiangsu Police College cyberspace security team (CST) student team selection and school qualifying trials in the classroom building 206 was successfully held. The contest lasted 6 hours and was supported by the students from the Department of Network Security and the Department of Cyber Security, the contractor of CyberiPeace, CyberPeace Cyber Security Contest Platform.

The contest system adopts the flag-grabbing system similar to the CTF of the international competition. The title score adopts the method of dynamic integration, and dynamically adjusts the player's score on the question according to the number of contestants who solved the question. Contest is divided into two parts of basic projects and professional projects.

Wang Qun, head of the network security department, hopes that students can learn from outstanding seniors and continuously cultivate their interest in learning and enhance their professional skills and practical ability in electronic data collection, cyber attack and defense and big data analysis. Xu Linmao, head of the student brigade, hopes to closely integrate CST student team management and policing management, implement a special and standardized management system and strengthen student team leadership.