CyberPeace Partners Nanjing Future Technology City to Build Cyber Security Talents and Base

To implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the socialist ideology of Xi Jinping’s new era with Chinese characteristics, we will accelerate the implementation of the new practice of “combination and high-level” by the provincial Party committee, fully implementing Nanjing's famous aggregators and accelerating the development of new research and development institutions and scientific and technological achievements. Build a first-rate innovation ecosystem and promote the construction of innovative cities with global influence. On March 13th, CyberPeace and Nanjing Future Technology City signed a strategic cooperation agreement for cyber security personnel and innovation bases. The signing ceremony was held at the Ritan Hotel in Beijing.

In recent years, Nanjing is making every effort to build a famous city of innovation. Nanjing Future Science and Technology City, as the leading area and demonstration area for innovation-driven development in the city, is focusing on gathering famous enterprises, speeding up the transformation of new research and development institutions and scientific and technological achievements, and striving to build a first-rate innovation ecosystem. . At present, the City of Science and Technology of the Future has introduced 1,103 scientific and technological innovation projects, of which 545 are future network companies, 326 are smart manufacturing companies, and 232 are technological service companies. Over 500,000 headquarters-based and mature projects of more than 5 million will be introduced, of which 10,000 will be more than 250 and 19 projects will be more than 100 million yuan; 4 academicians will be recruited, 10 will be thousands of people, and 10 experts will be experts in provinces and cities. In the name, more than 2,500 talented people with master's degree or above registered in Haikou and more than 28,000 entrepreneurial population. The park has basically formed a pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship with high quality projects and high-level talents.

In recent years, CyberPeace has developed its own network security technology, applied talents to develop hardware and software systems, strengthened the construction and cultivation of network security personnel, adhered to innovation, and constantly innovated to provide the industry with high-quality products and services, and continuously explored cyber security talents. The methods and methods of training will help the country identify and cultivate future leaders in the field of Internet security by promoting all-round cooperation among governments, enterprises and institutions.

Since its development, CyberPeace has not only become the leader in the field of domestic cyber security training, but also hosted the XCTF international network attack and defense league with the greatest influence in China, and the largest CTF exchange platform in China, XCTF community, through the development of three events. Currently, it has become Asia's number one online offense and defense brand, attracting more than 30,000 teams and nearly 60,000 talents from nearly 100 countries and regions to participate in the league.

This time, the strategic landing of network talents and innovation bases will provide Nanjing and Jiangsu Province with the necessary cyber security talents for industrial development. While providing high-speed industrial development, it will also provide favorable talent protection. The network security personnel training base will be the first batch of projects after the strategic cooperation. The two parties will promote the rapid landing of network security talents and innovation bases through core advantages such as industrial clustering, capital promotion, technology guidance, and system construction.