Perfect ending! CyberPeace Helps Jiangsu University Students Cyberspace Security Elite Invitational

On March 31, 2018, under the guidance of the School of Cyberspace Security at Southeast University and sponsored by the Network Security Alliance of Southeast University, the Jiangsu Jiangsu Undergraduate Cyberspace Security Elite Invitational Tournament, sponsored by CyberPeace, ended its perfection at the Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University. The competition invited new members of various universities and colleges in Jiangsu Province to come to Southeast University to compete and discuss with each other. It is also intended to attract new recruits for the CTF team of the Southeast Asian University Cyber Security Alliance and recruit new members for the entire school to take the opportunity to select Really good backup talents who are interested in network security.

There are 22 teams in this competition, 8 teams from Southeast University and 14 teams from other universities in Jiangsu Province. After 8 hours of fighting and fighting, in the end, the Jiangjiang River ranked first with 10682.39 points! The BXS team ranks second with 10072.18 points, Tooyoung ranks third with 9840.6 points, and the 4g0n.young H from Southeast University ranks first.

The Jiangjiang River team solved 15 questions and scored 10682.39. They took advantage of nearly 1,000 points to secure the championship. In this competition, they lag far behind from the beginning, reached the final backs, broke the record again and again, and broke through countless difficulties. , which attracted constant cries from the scene and eventually surpassed Tooyoung to win the championship.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the Jiangsu University Student Cyberspace Security Elite Invitational Tournament ended in perfection. At the award ceremony held at Southeast University, the winning teams from the school group and the off-campus group took office. The winning team expressed its thanks to Saining Wang's support for the contest and will continue to make improvements in the next study.