National Network Security Technology Competition waiting for you to register

Reporteryesterday from Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) technology and entrepreneurshipspecial community was informed that, BCTF "Baidu Cup" NationalNetwork Security Technology Competition finals will be held in JiangningDistrict. The highest bonus 80,000 yuan, as well as the opportunity to getBaidu internship work, "technology up to people" fast login registration! At present, the competition is in onlineregistration time, the deadline for March 7.
It is understood that the game sponsored by Baidu, Tsinghua University andPeking University security experts to provide technical support, Nanjing Zijin(Jiangning)) technology entrepreneurship special community contractors. As of18:00 yesterday, the country has 368 teams, 1500 people register, is by far thelargest domestic participation in a network security technology competition.
March 8 at 8 am, the game will be officially kicked off, 48 hours of onlinequalifying will determine the top eight clan, into the final live finals. May 2to 4 will be held in Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) science and technologyentrepreneurs special community held BCTF live finals and technical forum.
Tsinghua University Network Science and Network Space Research Institute,deputy researcher Zhuge Jianwei said that China's network security technologyprofessionals have been extremely lacking in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen andother first-tier cities released the shortage of talent directory, the networksecurity technical personnel In the forefront, only a gap in Shanghai up to 10million. Organizing Committee hopes to tap the talent through the competition,but also for the Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Innovation Zone and otherhigh-tech park to find entrepreneurial dream of young talent.