Top safety competition BCTF is about to start,Baidu launches university tour

Recently, the BCTF "baidu cup" national network security technology competition organizer baidu security announced, will join hands with tsinghua, Peking University security technical experts to launch a nationwide college tour. Relying on the "simple and reliable" security products and powerful technical team, cyber security expert baidu will pass the most cutting-edge network security concept and technical knowledge through this tour. To hold the BCTF anti-competition, which has the benchmark level of security, fully reflects the determination of baidu in the field of cyber security and the forward awareness of network security personnel training. "Through the campus platform, it is more conducive to promoting the combination of industry-university-research and research, guiding students to learn about information security, selecting and training information security talents." Zhang kai, a security expert at baidu, said.

As big Internet development proposition, network security is closely related to each user, in the technical protection system of network security, baidu will play to mobilize the whole network security protection industry resonance "force". It is understood that in addition to the baidu cooperation with tsinghua university and Peking University laboratory, set up high-end network security technology alliance, also linked the jiangning, nanjing, nanjing zijin sai ning to network security, such as organizing a mob to force to build the whole network security protection of the "potential". "Among safety, battle peak" as the slogan, BCTF "baidu cup" fair, open and fair competitive packed top resources in the field of national security, has attracted the attention of a large number of people interested in network security field, domestic rich rewards also greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of the participants. According to the baidu, the winners will not only earn bonuses and honorary certificate, still have a chance to face the industry cutting-edge power, baidu and dialogue with tsinghua's top industry experts, to first-class security agencies internship invitation and zijin jiangning college students entrepreneurship support reward, "this is a network security enthusiasts smackdown." "A young contestant said.