Baidu Cup BCTF Network Security Summit held in Nanjing

On May 4, bctf National Network Security TechnologySummit Forum and the first bctf "Baidu Cup" National Network SecurityTechnology Competition Award ceremony held in Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) techand innovation Special Zone.
The contest, sponsored by Baidu company, Tsinghua Peking University securityexperts to provide technical support, Blue Lotus clan proposition organization,Zijin (Jiangning), CyberPeace hosted the country's largest flagship modenetwork security competition, is the first international frontier Ctf (capturethe flag) in the form of flag-making national large-scale network securityevents. The competition attracted 468 teams from mainland China, China Taiwan,Hong Kong, China and the United States, bringing together more than 2,500technical experts in the field of cybersecurity. After 32 hours peak duel,hitcon 217 team won the first bctf contest champion, Shanghai JiaotongUniversity oops clan and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Electric Union disa clanrunner-up runner-up and third place.
The contest winning team, in addition to the contest organizing committee toprovide tens of thousands of yuan bonuses, have the opportunity to get Baiducompany to provide internships or job opportunities, Tsinghua University,Peking University laboratory internship opportunities, and Zijin (Jiangning)SAR students entrepreneurial support.