Baidu BCTF competition: network technology is faster than mountain climbing

Morning News ,on May 4, a spectacular game ended in Nanjing. The firstBaidu Cup "BCTF (National Network Technology Confrontation) contest aftertwo days and 32 hours of peak duel, and ultimately from the island of TaiwanHITCON 217 team won the championshipa.
First prize network technology, the winning team can not only get theOrganizing Committee to provide tens of thousands of rich bonus, all winnershave the opportunity to get Baidu company to provide internships or jobopportunities, Tsinghua University, Peking University laboratory internshipopportunities, and Zijin ) University students entrepreneurship support.
And then climb the mountain speed, the players a long time to confront thebrain, as well as around the "cyberspace" series of topics discussed,tired is inevitable. This time, in the beautiful side of the mountain area to agroup of mountain climbing activities is particularly important. Than the footof the foot, we naturally also enjoyable