The Taiwan team of 2500 Internet masters won the title in Nanjing

Yesterday, BCTF national network securitytechnology peak BBS and the first BCTF "baidu cup" national networksecurity technology against the competition award ceremony in nanjing zijin(jiangning) kochuang special zone.

In the field of cyber security, the twomain themes of "cyber security threats and response", "cybersecurity competition and talent training" have been hotly debated.

The inaugural BCTF baidu cup competitionwas announced to a successful conclusion. After a 32-hour summit, HITCON217from Taiwan won the competition.

First BCTF "baidu cup" contest,is sponsored by baidu inc., tsinghua Beijing university security experts toprovide technical support, blue lotus proposition team organization, zijin(jiangning), CyberPeace to undertake the largest national flag mode networksecurity test.

Competition from mainland China, Taiwan,Hong Kong and the United States 468 team, brought together more than 2500expert in the field of network security technology, the team members mainlyfrom famous universities, the Internet and network security, network geek team,etc.