Cooperate with jiangsu provincial public security department to develop network security training

In November - December 2014, nanjing ning and jiangsuprovince public security department cooperation network security defense ofactual combat training, initial training for 13 cities in jiangsu provincepublic security system and collection system of network security professionals,the ease of training according to the course, divided into junior high schoolhigh three levels, the beginner class has more than 60 people, more than 40people, intermediate class advanced more than 20 people.

According to training needs, nanjing ning elaboratedesign training programs, courses from easy to difficult, covering networkattack and defense base, common tools for network attack and defense,penetration test and metasploit platform, Web offensive and defensive, network,wireless network attack and defense, reverse, binary, malicious code, sociologyand so on.

In addition to theoretical elaboration, the trainingprocess has prepared a lot of actual practice and practice.

After the training, nanjing seining also prepared andprepared a CTF experience for the trainees.

9 days of training, the receives training students agree,also get the affirmation of the jiangsu provincial public security leaders,subsequent nanjing ning will continue cooperation with jiangsu province publicsecurity department, the nationwide promotion of network security defense ofactual combat training.