The XCTF league attracts the top international team, Tencent security and deep cultivated talents

on March 23, the first XCTF league(Tsinghua) Beijing station competition, 217 from Taiwan China team win thechampionship, the CMU team the PPP, "the boy wonder" Geohot tomcr00seone-man team won the runner-up and third place respectively.

This site is China first matchinternational CTF, tencent as the top sponsors and organizers, CyberPeaceinformation technology co., LTD to undertake, for campus security personnelprovides a wider platform, also for Chinese security personnel dream showincreased international elements.

(Tsinghua) for the Beijing terminalstation of the game is the third race wins first XCTF league, unlike previousstops, this contest is open to the global open up the CTF, and successfullyjoined CTFTIME global CTF contest leaderboard.

Competition registration at thebeginning, that is, get the CTF team attention both at home and abroad, hadattracted nearly 89 countries and regions of the 89 team 4000 contestants toregister, the CTF integral CTFTIME the world's top ten teams, in addition tothe organizers blue lotus, the previous DEFCON CTF finals champions league andthe third place, the CMU super team HITCON PPP, China Taiwan, 217 Dragon clanand Poland Sector teams, such as mainland China 0 ops seven teams participatedin the BCTF contest of the competition.

In addition, last year, joining the PPPto win the DEFCON CTF championship, the world's first person to crack theiPhone and PS3, the "miracle boy" Geohot chose to play in the form ofa single player.

This makes BCTF the first internationalCTF event in the Chinese mainland.

After 48 hours of fighting, the ChineseTaiwan 217 team won the XCTF championship in the XCTF league finals with 5027.

The American CMU clan PPP won therunner-up with 4394 points, while the American "miracle boy" geohotsingle team tomcr00se won the third place with 4144 points.

For the change of the event, thepersonage inside course of study says XCTF league race wins success to join globalleaderboard CTF competition, registration teams gathered in the team, explainXCTF league in gathering and domestic top talent and resources on the basis ofthe CTF competition, competition has been recognized by the internationallevel, for domestic security and technical personnel to provide a broaderplatform.

Tencent, as a leader in China's securityindustry and a diamond sponsor of the XCTF league, has been committed to makingthe XCTF league a "China security talent dream show".

This XCTF league and internationalintegration is a new attempt to enable Chinese cyber security professionals tocompete with the top international teams in order to get better training andgrowth.

Obtained the excellent result in XCTFleague players, will also receive event co-organizer, China only superiorsecurity Team Keen Team of professional guidance and training, Keen Team juston the top of the world's most hackers contest Pwn2Own competition whereimplementation "three years five champions league".

As the dream teacher of China's security talent dreamshow, Keen Team will support the XCTF elite Team to prepare for the globalfinals of DEFCON CTF.