XCTF national network security technology against the league of the top three

The university of Taiwan 217 has won the championship, and Shanghai's 0ops team is second to the second, and the university of fuzhou ROIS is third


On July 13, 2015, the award ceremony of the national cyber security technology competition competition (XCTF) was held in Nanjing. After 48 hours, 217 team from Taiwan university last with successful title with 50985.66 points, 57.59 points a nose from Shanghai Jiaotong university, 0ops team to obtain 50928.07 points came second, ROIS from Fuzhou university team won the bronze with 22759.41 points. Taiwan university Peter, southeast university India bright and five other people won the individual award. The XCTF tournament, which began 10 months ago, attracted 3847 teams and more than 10,000 entries, the largest CTF competition in the country. Nanjing Cyber Peace has been actively promoting the competition process of the XCTF league, and the 12 teams representing the top level of CTF in China have finally entered the finals through seven trials in five stations. The event was reported by a number of mainstream TV media, including CCTV, CCTV 13, Beijing guard, Jiangsu TV, Jiangsu news, Nanjing news and Jiangning news.


The XCTF final is the final battle of the XCTF league's first season of 2014-2015, and Nanjing Cyber Peace provides platform support. For the ultimate showdown including team 12 for the first time this year into DEFCON CTF global finals 0 ops team of Shanghai jiaotong university, last year DEFCON CTF finals runner-up HITCON team main force members of Taiwan university in Taiwan 217 team, moreover also includes (a letter) in chengdu station audition SCTF L1ght champion team, hangzhou (zhejiang university) stand audition ACTF champions six star team of fudan university, hangzhou, hangzhou electric) standing army Sigma team audition HCTF season, etc.