The XCTF all-star game was held in grand ceremony—the 0ops team has won the championship!

On July 14, 2015, the national cyber security technology against the league XCTF final all-star game was held in nanjing. Gain excellent results in the league finals XCTF 0 ops, Rois, six star, day of the pivot, Sigma, Leetspeak, Flappy pig, dawn and myths in training team 9 is the top domestic security team had a wonderful offensive and defensive war against everyone. In the end, the 0ops team won the championship.

The XCTF all-star experience competition is innovative in many ways. Game mode using A&D (Attack And Defence, offensive and defensive capabilities), and also on the bonus changed the traditional way of one third prize won the prize, instead of in addition to the first get special bonus, other teams according to the final score situation share total bonus pool - that is to say, every offensive and defensive team in the game score, will affect the final bonus amount, this no doubt increased the competition fierce and the degree of the wonderful. After the competition, the contestants gave full credit to the rules of the game. In addition, the interest is also a highlight that many competitors mentioned.