DEFCON CTF's global finals results were released, and the three Chinese teams in the XCTF league entered the world top six

On August 24, 2015, two weeks after Defcon CTF's globalfinals, the tournament's organizer, LegitBS, finally released its final rankingand scoring results after careful logging verification. Blue lotus (baidu- Blue lotus) surpassed last year's bronze in Dragon Sector last year, andended up ranking fifth in the world with 12,442 points. The three teams inthe XCTF national league, HITCON, 0ops and blue-lotus team, entered the firstsix of the world together, and they have won the glory of China in the field ofcyber security.


XCTF league final proposition organizer blue-lotus team inDefcon CTF finals


Defcon world hacker conference is the birthplace of thecyber attack and defense technology competition. Defcon CTF ACTS as thetrademark contest of Defcon, and is known as the "World Cup" in thefield of cyber security. Be Defcon approved through five "grandslam" tournaments and thousands of global teams to participate in thefierce conflicts between the qualification of qualifying, fifteen of the superstrong teams from around the world to have a chance to a finalist in the UnitedStates Las Vegas Defcon CTF global finals.