CSAC was formally established - Nanjing Cyber Peace Was elected as the governing unit

On the morning of March 25, the Cyber Security Association of China (CSAC) was established in Beijing yuanwanglou hotel.


CSAC is determined by the Office of The Central Leading Group for Cyberpeace Affairs (hereinafter referred to as: Cyberpeace Administration of China,CAC ), including Nanjing Cyber Peace, a total of 142 units in the country to apply for, through the approval of the state council agreed to establish a national, industry, non-profit social organization.


The general manager of XCTF league, Nanjing Cyber Peace was elected as the governing unit.The executive vice chairman of XCTF league organizing committee ,Duan Haixin professor was elected as a personal trustee; Hao ye li, vice President of the national innovation and development strategy association, co-sponsor of the XCTF league, was elected executive director.

XCTF league sponsors: Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo 360, Tencent, Vennas tec, and People Net elected standing council unit. Among them, the top management of the new China cyberspace security association was elected as the vice chairman of the new China cyberspace security association.