Cyber Peace successfully hosted the third safety technology competition of Huawei

On June 16, 2016, the first game of huawei's third security technology competition was officially opened in Beijing.Huawei's current safety contest for the first time introduced foreign security vendor partners, as huawei specified only contractor -- - Nanjing Cyber Peace , with top topic output, high-quality platform support, zero fault operational security, successfully held the third security technology contest, praised by customers.



June 16 solstice on June 23, 7 days of the preliminaries, within huawei attaches great importance to, from the shenzhen headquarters and 8 regional institute 14 product line more than 1000 top security experts to participate in, eventually selected 24 first-class team into the finals.



Final scene: fight against, smoke filled

On July 3, 120 person of 24 teams gathered at huawei's headquarters in shenzhen for a two-day summit. The Cyber Peace attack and defense platform is once again challenged and perfectly demonstrated its high performance and high reliability, and the zero failure guarantee final is completed.The champion team is from the top technology team of huawei Intranet lab. After the game, Cyber Peace fully assisted huawei in the competition summary and the competition product line safety technical strength analysis, the output quality analysis summary report.


The third security technology series complete MSC of huawei, Cyber Peace will establish a long-term strategic partnership with huawei, enhance the domestic first-class enterprise security technology ability, to narrow the gap in with the international first-class enterprise security technology ability.

The Cyber Peace team fully ensured the final of the final