7.16 XCTF international league finals to watch first

        On July 16, the second XCTF international league final and cyber security technology BBS will be kicked off at the Beijing international conference center. The game is about to be launched, the details of the game and live events have been exposed, which has attracted wide attention from the online security industry at home and abroad. The following are the eight highlights of the scene.

highlight one: zero distance contact with the top international team

         XCTF finals teams after eight months of the season, from eight stand stand out in the fierce conflicts between RACES, including many of the world's top 10 international teams to top the CTF clan, DEF CONCTF World Cup champion team as well as the domestic the strongest ten teams entered the finals.

highlight two: the sharp front is against who the Lord is floating!

A gathering of the world's top security talent, the coming of the curtain, who can pull out the top is undoubtedly the biggest suspense of 2016!

The entry of more foreign contact XCTF league teams are close, the 217 team, national Taiwan university is the first XCTF league title, Russian LC↯BC team has won the XCTF league champion of Shanghai and arrive at the pass-through DEFCON, Shellphish dcua Ukraine and the United States at the scene of the audition phase has to match.

highlight three: Star Wars, cool experience, more ornamental

       The site will not be presented to the audience as a pure score, but will simulate the game through a more dazzling and intuitive 3D animation effect. Impact your vision, boil your blood, and let you experience the enjoyment of technology.

highlight 4: exhibition area interactive play the latest technology!

        If you don't go to room 4, you can't say that you have not attended the XCTF finals.

        Here are: the super close experience, baidu security geek to the demo car invasion and cracking process, geek through intelligent locomotive holes will show the lock, start the car, start the entertainment system, GPS modified decoding skills (if you like, you can also try cracking, drive away, ha ha).

        Here: mysterious network security experience, experience in mobile phone all kinds of potential safety problems, understand the personal information leak, property loss and so on a variety of ways, only you think not, without the hacker can't do, alas).

        There are: geek machine to pick up the goods, the scene will provide a machine to pick up the goods, different difficulty, crack different difficulty of holes can be free from the machine to pick up the receive drinks (where free drink drink, XCTF hall 4, yo ho).

        Here can also have: top geek site demonstrates the problem of web security vulnerabilities, and in the short term will one e-commerce sites hot style product price change for 1 yuan money, for the scene to snap up (the most popular for scene upcoming 2016)!

highlight five: peak BBS big coffee

        How the impact of vision can satisfy you, the fullness of the brain is the most practical. This XCTF finals also set the peak BBS plate.

When the man-qing wu academician of Chinese academy of engineering, China's Internet development foundation Qin Changgui secretary-general, national innovation and development strategy research hao Ye Li, vice President of information security, the ministry of education professional teaching refers to the committee, secretary general of the people present a speech. Ma jie, general manager of baidu security division; Du yuejin, vice President of technical vice President of ali group security department; Tan xiaosheng, vice President and chief privacy officer of 360; Qu fuping, senior security expert at alibaba security department; Pan zhu ting, chief strategy officer of qiming star; Chen xinlong, security chief executive; Chief security officer of the company;Zhou qiang, chief strategy officer of public technology;Security researcher niu wen, security researcher at tencent security; Ma kun, chief executive of four-leaf grass; Chen yuen, co-founder and President of changting technology;Researcher feng chunpei, an ant financial researcher; Li wei, the vice President of yongxin, will attend and share your most anticipated content.

Experts, watching the game is just a feast for you, BBS listening to enrich your brain, Internet security, that's all right.

highlight six: InforSec academic BBS professional need not explain

        The InforSec academic BBS, which is closely watched by young Internet security professionals, will be opened on the morning of the 17th. Each expert is an industry aircraft carrier, a professor of network science and cyberspace research institute of tsinghua university; Chief scientist, professor Yang min, software institute of fudan university; Dr. Han xinhui, senior engineer of computer science and technology institute of Peking.University; Professor li zhoujun, computer college of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics; State key laboratory of information security, institute of information engineering, Chinese academy of sciences researcher Dr Chen Kai, institute of computing technology, Chinese academy of sciences, state key laboratory of computer architecture are senior engineers, Dr Wu gang, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of software of trusted computing and information security laboratory researcher Dr Pu-rui su guest, will share the latest research direction and research progress of network security, professional not to explain to you ~ ~ ~

highlight seven: exclusive certificate certificate, the world 500 strong IT enterprise offer to wait for you to take!

        For has been actively involved in the second international league of XCTF trials network security of every student and professional technical enthusiasts, XCTF international league committee. The committee will make the whole season individual exclusive performance certification. The certificate will record each XCTF registered participants stood second XCTF international league all eight trials at the individual scores and rankings, personal technology, as well as the team scores and rankings, record every player in the league season through hard process and results of harvest, it is also of diligence in XCTF league players feedback.

        The certificate will be in July 16 XCTF international league finale, ranked in the league before 200 people also can obtain the organizing committee of the league recommended, intern's famous IT companies. On July 18, this batch of excellent athletes will be invited to participate in the national-level famous IT companies interns to preach, to visit the famous IT enterprises headquarters in Beijing, and Beijing famous scientific research institutions in colleges and universities network space safety lab teacher face to face, looking for internships to accomplish the future dream.

highlight eight: one way ticket to Beijing, xctf-xman "defense future" special training camp to take you to fly

On July 16-17 second XCTF international league finals after ending, the overall level of safety personnel in order to promote domestic colleges and universities, shorten the gap, teams in the international first-class technical strength and increase the echelon XCTF league for the first team squad, launched by XCTF league and overall host nanjing ning company sponsored XCTF - XMan "offensive and defensive future" special training camp will immediately begin, condensed XCTF two years of experience and the best platform, guardians of cultivating future network space safety. This summer camp is free of accommodation and training. The training includes: theoretical knowledge sharing and practical training; XCTF league and international famous CTF competition in the history of the explanation and analysis; How to interpret and write Writeup; Control the melee and sharing of the homemade questions, fight against the simulated game. Safety courses cover the top five knowledge skills systems of CTF: Crypto/MISC, Web, RE, Pwn, Mobile. The site will provide Open CTF test experience area for participants and interested audiences to participate in the XCTF competition at any time.

Dare not to take a one-way ticket, only take the computer without money north drift tour? Let xctf-xman take you to the "future" special training camp.