Refresh history! Cyber security "Olympics" China won the runner-up

       In Las Vegas, the United States, a group of people are quietly endorsing China's cyber security forces as they focus on the Rio Olympics.

XCTF alliance ace: b1o0p team members are struggling

On August 8, 2016, the DEFCON world hacker conference in Las Vegas, USA closed. From China blue lotus XCTF alliance baidu and tencent 0 ops to form a joint team b1o0p, calm in the game, eventually won DEFCON CTF second in the NBA finals, the Chinese b1o0p team with their own power, create new China team.

B1o0p team members pose for a group photo

July to August every year in the United States Las Vegas DEFCON conference is one of the world's best-known hacker feast, is the "Olympics" of network security industry, August 4 ~ 7 August this year, more than 7000 of the world's top hackers and the information security experts attending the 24th DEFCON hackers conference grand opening, the most important part of the DEFCON CTF, after three days and two nights for 52 hours long, finally ended.


       Network security problem has increasingly become the focus of attention at home and abroad, and the DEFCON CTF, the Chinese team with outstanding performance to prove that the power of China's network security, compared to the United States and Russia Korea and other countries large network security funds resources, promote network security personnel training process, the blue lotus and 0 ops friends this result is particularly valuable, let our heartfelt congratulations to them!