The ninth national college student information security competition innovation and practical ability competition was successfully concluded

        On August 13th, the 9th national college student information security innovation and practice competition final was successfully concluded at Shanghai jiaotong university. North tech's hungry dragon won first, zhengzhou 61d was second, and tsinghua's bauhinia was third.

The final points of the finals

The competition information security professional teaching steering committee sponsored by the ministry of education, Shanghai jiao tong university to undertake XCTF league finals runner-up 0 after XCTF league Shanghai ops team to undertake this contest the joint and the specific organization of work.

As the co-organizer of the competition, nanjing Cyber Peace participated in the final project proposal and proposition work with the blue lotus team, and displayed the Cyber Peace Practical CyberPeace practical training platform at XMan camp in the final.

Adopt the national college students' information security competition ever work and the way to the final, innovation practice ability competition, introduced for the first time this year, belong to a team work and the practice ability and innovation competition, the final date as August 12, 13, two days, can be seen from the format changes in form, the ministry of education, government, enterprise attaches great importance to the security personnel of actual combat ability.Sai ning also will, as always, in order to enhance the overall level of the domestic university security personnel, shorten the technology gap with the international first-class teams as the goal, to cultivate the output more security elite, become the network security personnel whampoa military academy!