XCTF - XMan summer camp has been closed, the beginning of the season is not to be missed

By the ministry of education of higher school teaching steering committee to guide, XCTF league launched with general host Cyber Peace and you host, zhejiang university, yongxin sincere assisted XCTF - XMan "offensive and defensive future" special training camp on August 27 in splendid intense completion against competition well packaged.

Missed the summer camp? It doesn't matter! The beginning of the season of the great competition is still, waiting for your participation.

Starting September 15, Cyber Peace brings you the XCTF campaign. CyberPeace practical CyberPeace practical training platformfor interest free trial for 2 months in university, pure poly top 50 questions XCTF original problem, to provide online practice and jousting contests, each colleges to participate in the competition of the top three achievements still can obtain unique XCTF custom prizes. Limited number of places, sign up for speed!

Competition mode: online problem solving

Competition deadline: 2016-11-15

The prize:

First prize: XCTF customized mobile power supply

Second prize: XCTF customized T-shirt

Third prize: XCTF custom U disk

The opportunity is rare, every good grasp opportunity of you, each good grasp the high quality platform you, all very likely be in Cyber Peace practical CyberPeace practical training platform's casting to become the next safety giant! The hope of network security, attack and defend future, belong to you!