The south Asian academic exchange mission visited the XCTF laboratory

On September 27th morning, the nanjing Cyber Peace ledge XCTF ushered in another batch of the distinguished guests in the lab, as a academic exchange delegation of South Asia, a line of 16 people jointly visited the Cyber Peace XCTF laboratory exhibition hall, nanjing Cyber Peace Gao Qingguan information technology co., LTD., vice President, marketing Wu Xinju accompanied by people and presentations.

South Asian academic access exchange Tours visit the Cyber Peace laboratory

South Asia academic exchange delegation a line of people watched the first XCTF league related training video, XMan summer training camp, and media coverage, the XCTF league of Cyber Peace and XCTF league have a preliminary understanding.

Then, the Marketing Department, wu xinju, demonstrated and introduced the Cyber Peace practical training platform, APT defense solution and network target system. Cyber Peace practical Cyber Peace practical training platformis open to the general colleges and universities, it collected many past the XCTF league bo, has a strong professional, the students can be on the platform for the real operational exercises and athletic tournament. This is different from previous consistent theory in colleges and universities teaching methods, for the students to better grasp the network information security knowledge provides the operating platform, has a very important and far-reaching significance.

System demonstration and reconciliation

The two sides have a pleasant exchange

Demonstration explanation in the process, both sides constantly communicate with questions, contingent in a line of people on the network security and defense products and services to make the contribution of the said high approval and admiration, said they also attaches great importance to strategic defense in network security, it training services of Cyber Peace has a strong interest in cooperation, asked a series of related problems, wait until the end of the visit will further docking.

     We look forward to the cooperation of both sides, I believe the same with people on both sides of the network information security mission, will across borders, become a long-term and friendly strategic cooperation partners, and strive to build the information security fort together!