The Chinese academy of sciences and zte's security expert group visited the Cyber Peace center for computing

      October 14th morning, the Chinese academy of sciences and a 10-member zte security experts to visit nanjing Cyber Peace information cloud computing center, Marketing Department xiaobo, marketing Wu Xinju accompanied, and make a detailed presentation and introduction, the two sides have the technical aspects of network security, cloud security communication and exchanges.

The Chinese academy of sciences and the zte expert group are a guest on the Cyber Peace cloud computing center

Entering the center of the Cyber Peace cloud computing center, a line of people was first attracted by the cool images of the Cyber Peace practical Cyber Peace practical training platformon the super screen.After the brief introduction of the center, wu xinju of the Marketing Department gave a detailed introduction and demonstration of the functions and modules on the Cyber Peace practical training platform.

Is because has XCTF league held power,in June, Cyber Peace successfully held the third contest of security technology of huawei, and on top of the problem output, high-quality platform support, zero fault operational security, won the appreciation of huawei.

Learn more about nanjing Cyber Peace

Introduction to finish better Cyber Peace practical training platform, the staff also illustrates the network range and APT attack defensive platform, and together watching the nanjing Cyber Peace propaganda film and television media reports about XCTF league. It is not hard to see from the media, the country's emphasis on network security and attention, in order to let more people have consciousness of network security, has been held three national network security publicity week activities, safety week activities in 2016, wuhan, nanjing Cyber Peace and zte are appearance in the show.

The two sides communicated on the knowledge of cyber security

Without network security, there is no national security, looking forward to the nanjing Cyber Peace and zte further strategic cooperation in the future, to enhance the domestic first-class enterprise security technology ability and work together!