"11.9, 11.10" Cyber Peace XCTF in the network security week

    In 2016, the week of the Internet security and privacy protection week was held in shenzhen, and the theme of this activity was "network security, beginning with the heart". Cycle bright course, both knowledge, interactivity, experience and interest, the more there are quite a few enterprises supporting her, on November 9, 10, Cyber Peace XCTF, green au, 360 security hand in hand supporting her huawei safety week, and the friends brought benefits for - the vending machine, crack leak free drink to drink! What's the situation? Let's go and see it.

Hey,hack,dig a hole and drink a coke!

    In the hacker's eyes, "everything can be broken", as long as it is possible that the device could be breached, including this big guy, the hacker vending machine.

    According to Cyber Peace's staff, most of the vending machines have a large number of holes in the hardware, APP, and server, and some of them are very simple. Hackers vending machine in XCTF finals and safety the exhibition site baidu has appeared, this time into the cycle of huawei network security, just want to let more people to experience the feeling of a hacker, find out these holes, easy operation, without payment, cans of coke can be rolled out automatically.


There was a lot of buzz about the hack

The person "attack" intelligence "defend" the security

     Life is so beautiful in a smart age! But dear fellow students, dare you to try the green union, 360 safe to bring people "attack" intelligence? If you're not careful, your phone will be hacked, check your phone and call so easy! Stimulus and, of course, "bank card risk experience", as long as you dare to flash to pay bank card close to our "special equipment", big moment will appear on the screen to your bank card number, id number, or even all recent trading records. Recently, students who have bad consumption are hiding away.


Cyber Peace XCTF, huawei security office, green league, 360 security, etc


    Therefore, people "attack" the age of intelligence, "guarding" wei 'an more needs network security and privacy protection awareness. Hope that through publicity week activities, let more people in the process of interaction experience a series of simulated attacks, enhance their consciousness of network safety, learning the knowledge of the network security, and help yourself and loved ones, friends set up the correct safety awareness.