The perfect kill - HCTF hangzhou station will play the finals of the competition!

At20:00 on November 27th, the final second of the pointer came down, and the 2016HCTF hangzhou division was officially closed. The first 48H battle of the thirdXCTF international league was officially ended.

TheRedbud team got the first ticket to the 2017XCTF finals with the perfect finalmoment.


It is reported that this HCTF has many special features, such as the perfectcombination of XCTF training platform and competition rules.

HCTFnot only sets up the dynamic score algorithm, but also introduces the lowerlevel mode, which makes the results of the game confusing, the anti-super, theanti-super, and the advanced stage, the whole process is extremely exciting,wonderful and exciting.

Theexcellent performance of the XCTF training platform makes it more clear andeasier to monitor the team's cheating in the game.


This is the fabled Redbud team's perfect kill.

Inthe last two hours of the game, I struggled to get back to the game, and I hadto answer three questions!

At18:00 on Nov. 27, the Redbud team was still in the fifth position, while theAAA team had gained the upper hand after 17.

Onspeculation that the top three AAA clan, Nu1L clan, FlappyPig team who willtake advantage of, Redbud team scored in flag 18:07 rapid reaction, less thanan hour, 18:59 takes a flag, the most nervous sprint moment, such a fast speedhas been staggering, to competitors to knead the staff, who know teenagers inthe final sprint still unfinished, half an hour in the distance, Redbud team toloosing and solution of a problem, the solution of three problems!

Write a tense exciting and wonderful stroke for the HCTF division, a greatanti-superperfect kill, locking the first position until the end of the game!