Excellent performance - the third XCTF hangzhou first station game countdown!

        At 20:00on November 25th, the HCTF hangzhou division was officially launched, whichmeans the third XCTF international cyber security technology against the leagueofficially kicked off!

        As of 12:00 25registration end, a total of nearly 2200 teams successfully sign up toparticipate in the competition, competition is fierce, at present as HCTF overtime (27 20:00) less than eight hours, the final sprint imminent!


        Thiscompetition is selected as the XCTF training platform, athttp://hctf.xctf.org.cn/.

        Chose XCTFtraining platform, not only because the system is stable and proven,back-to-school good trial has class in the grand meeting, but also because XCTFsituation of practice training platform can be seen that team and score curve,it can get the analysis of each clan also good at direction, in the future tocarry out targeted training, raise their comprehensive ability in actual combatteam has an important guiding role.