The 3rd XCTF competition ZCTF will kick off at the end of February!

        The SpringFestival has passed, with the students returning to school for the bell, thethird XCTF league's first stop in 2017, the zhengzhou station ZCTF hasofficially started.

        It is reportedthat the first game of the XCTF's zhengzhou station will be officially launchedin late February and can be registered online.

The upcoming first leg of the tournament, ZCTF

SecondZCTF game, the league of zhengzhou XCTF RACES, called the "second networkspace safety skills challenge in henan province and zhengzhou ZCTF XCTF leaguerace wins" (hereinafter referred to as "the second ZCTF game").

Thecompetition is divided into online preliminary and offline finals, where theonline competition will take place on February 25 solstice26.

Accordingto introducing, the second ZCTF competition organized by the passengerinformation technology co., LTD., henan, and found the competition aims toexplore the network security industry talents, training talents, new form ofnetwork security personnel training, feed for "cyberspace security"discipline education construction experience.