Three days countdown! The ZCTF online competition will be at war soon after XCTF.

        Threedays countdown!

It'sstill three days away from the start of 9:00 on February 25th, and the deadlinefor signing up is only two days away. The first stop of the ZCTF online is atthe end of 2017XCTF.

Doyou have a good name, young man?

Thisis the same surprise!

      The secondsession of the ZCTF war was imminent

SecondZCTF, namely the second network space safety skills challenge in henan provinceand zhengzhou ZCTF XCTF league career victory, was organized by henan the guestinformation technology co., LTD., aims to explore the network security industryfound talent, develop talent, transmission network security personnel trainingof the new form, for "cyberspace security" discipline educationconstruction experience.

Thecompetition is divided into online primary and offline finals, and the onlinepreliminaries will be held on Saturday and Sunday (February 25-26).

Theoffline final is a regional event, tentatively scheduled for March 25-26.