The third session of the XCTF League Nanjing station NJCTF line ended successfully!

      During March 11 - 12, the first Jiangsu Province cyberspacesecurity attack and defense competition and the third session of the XCTFLeague South NJCTF races hosted by the CyberPeace Information Technology Co.,Ltd. held as scheduled, this competition attracted from the national Of thethousands of teams compete for the flag, more than 260 teams successfully wonthe flag, for the third to the 2017 XCTF Finals tickets!

      After two days and 24 hours of fighting, Nu1L clan withextraordinary stability to play, to solve the problem 30, 8010 points finishedtop NJCTF online standings. Nanjing online tournament temporarily come to anend, the offline tournament is expected to be held April 17-19 in Nanjing.

      XCTF League Nanjing NJCTF online TOP10 team list (thefinal results to audit results shall prevail)

      Community open, online exchange platform on the line

      The NJCTF online game, also taken in the XCTF communityplatform (, micro-credit group, QQ group synchronizedpicture broadcast form, can not be on-site war and online watch XCTF concernand CTF enthusiasts to provide a number of fast to understand the platform ofthe event, a solution to the hearts of regret. In addition to convenientservice, but also with a special explanation, not only hot pursuit of the race,ranking score, the current type of problem, but also interspersed with theintroduction of participating teams, team history and so on ordinary people Ido not know the details. XCTF community is also open to the outside world, thecommunity platform is not only the XCTF League online service platform, butalso for the contestants and industry users to provide industry-wide eventinformation, build a competition platform to promote safe personnel andbusiness communication.

      The third session of the XCTF race in Nanjing NJCTF linerace is expected to be held in April 17-19 in Nanjing, the line will be used inthe form of regional invitations, when the industry will be well-knownenterprises will gather the scene, many provinces colleges and universitieswill also Will send the top team competition, the specific details of thecooperation can be detailed XCTF League Organizing Committee, contact:[email protected]