The third session of the XCTF league helps Jiangsu Province with network security personnel construction, Nanjing station line Jiangning victory!

      On April 18, the first Jiangsu Province cyberspace security attack anddefense match and the third XCTF International League Nanjing race NJCTF linerace in Jiangning came to an end. Vice President of the XCTF League, VicePresident of the National Innovation and Development Strategy ResearchAssociation, and Wang Yunsheng, Assistant Director of the Jiangsu ProvincialPublic Security Bureau, Wang Wensheng, Member of the Party Committee of theJiangsu Provincial Communications Administration, Wang Yunfei, Director of theProvincial Internet Emergency Center, Curator Jin Yu, respectively, delivered aspeech, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Security Corpscaptain Yun Aimin, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, politicalcommissar of the provincial information network security association secretarygeneral, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Internet Emergency Center RenGuangyu, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Information Center,Associate Professor of Network Research Institute of Tsinghua University, ZhugeJianwei, founder of XCTF, Director of Information Security Department of 360Company Gao Xuefeng, Chief Strategy of Beijing Venustech Information TechnologyCo., Ltd. Officer Pan Zhu Ting and other leading guests attended.

This event is a two-day,  April 17-18 tournament respectively by thenetwork security attack and defense competition, InForSec Forum, XCTF Forum,geek takegism experience, on-site commentary and other five parts, includingthe two days of the forum venue set up in Jiangning Lake, the other two set upin Jiangning future network town - 2017 global future network developmentsummit main venue.