Take the first place and go international! The provincial and municipal leaders have high hopes for the XCTF league.

On March 7th morning, jiangsu provincial party committee standingcommittee and executive vice governor Huang Lixin to visit nanjing sai ningXCTF network security laboratory, nanjing municipal committee, deputy mayor liuto Ann, district party committee standing committee member and deputy districtchief li bin, district party committee of the standing committee, propagandaminister Zhang Siming, such as city leaders to participate in the research,zijin jiangning Chang Nan, deputy director of the management committee directorChen Guoyun, the executive vice President of jiangsu province in the futurenetwork innovation research Tan Hang and other accompanying.

The new deputy governor of huang li was very appreciative when he wasinformed that NJCTF of nanjing, nanjing, was about to be held for the thirdXCTF international league.

When asking about the XCTF league, the expectation is again - to winfirst, the XCTF league will go international!

On March 3 in the afternoon, nanjing municipal committee, deputy mayorliu to Ann on research XCTF laboratory network security, points out thatnetwork security personnel training and selection is important, at the sametime hope - won the first!

        Missing ZCTF,please be ready to go to the third stop - nanjing to continue the war!

2017XCTFleague third stop

The third XCTF international league zhengzhou station ZCTFonline competition, which ended at 18:00 yesterday, will be different from the offlinecompetition, which will be adopted by henan civil war team invitation system.

Heard ZCTF offline new message, the online game grounddripping wet, wanting more team call is not enough, have the message consultingleague side, here is to make a unified response to: third XCTF internationalleague career victory for - nanjing third stop.

Miss ZCTF's partner, please be ready, about the battle ofnanjing!

About the third stop - nanjing station

About the third XCTF international league


Sponsor: network space security talent development fund

Co-sponsor: national institute of innovation and developmentstrategy

General host: nanjing seining information technology co. LTD

Launch and overall organization: BlueLotus (blue-lotus) team