CyberPeace successfully selected as CNCERT network security emergency services support units

On May 22,2017, the seventh CNCERT network security emergency services support unitselection meeting is held in Qingdao. The scene of the defense and strictcomprehensive evaluation, CyberPeace Information Technology Co., Ltd. Is successfullyselected as "CNCERT provincial network security emergency supportunits."

The selectedemergency service support units will participate in the emergency treatment ofInternet security incidents in China under the unified coordination andguidance of the competent units to jointly promote the development and marketprosperity of China's network security service industry and promote thespecialization and standardization of emergency service work Develop together.

The third onthe left on behalf of CyberPeace at the stage to receive supportunit certification

         About CNCERT network security emergency service supportunit

"CNCERT network security emergency service supportunit" (hereinafter referred to as emergency service support unit) wasstarted by CNCERT in 2004, aimed at selecting a number of outstanding publicInternet emergency service units, with CNCERT to carry out public Internetsecurity services. Emergency service support units once every two years, fromthe overall strength of enterprises, major sudden network security incidentresponse capabilities, emergency service standards and other aspects of thestarting, the candidates to conduct a detailed assessment and review, selectthe public Internet to meet the requirements Emergency service units, andjointly promote the national public Internet network security emergency systemconstruction, maintenance of public Internet security.

List of the seventh CNCERT provincial network securityemergency service support unit (part)