Mobile phone using public WiFi, it is best not to pay online

NationalNetwork Security Technology Competition on the 21st decision of thequarterfinals, from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States 468teams, more than 2,500 hackers online sports. The country's largest hackercontest by Zijin (Jiangning) Kechuang special community, mobile security attackand defense to become the content of the competition. Activities responsibleperson Tsinghua University network and information security laboratory ZhugeJianwei associate researcher reminded the public, the phone must set a power-onpassword, even if the phone is lost, unlock the password for at least one hour,this is a mobile phone card linked to the loss of mobile phone information Wintime. Power-on password is also safer than lock-in gestures.
In addition, the use of public WIFI as far as possible not to pay online, withor without password, password is equal to no password, WIFI all transmission isclear text transmission, even a low level of hackers can sniff the informationrecord to the Internet.
Zhuge Jianwei also suggested that everyone should have three commonly usedpasswords, according to different security levels to distinguish between use.For example, high security level password only used in mobile payment, if themailbox, microblogging, WeChat and other login name and Alipay account name, besure to ensure that the password is different.