The XCTF international tournament in Singapore will be ready in August

As the highest technical level and the most influential network security technology leagueXCTF will unite with HITBSecConf, the oldest and most effective safety meeting, held HITB GSEC CTF in Singapore on August 24-25.


XCTF international league organized by Cyber Peace has been held to the third. The league has been ploughing through the cybersecurity industry for years  and commits  to buliding the most influential professional safety competition in China for network security personnel training.

With years of accumulation, Cyber Peace has unparalleled advantages in competition platform, topic deployment, CTF team, event operation and been valued by the industry.

The XCTF league will go abroad and start the overseas competition.

The third annual XCTF league (2016-2017) has changed significantly from the previous two leagues to encourage the development of off-line regional competitions to promote the development of regional cyber defense level.

Now the season has six station competition, Hangzhou station HCTF, Zhengzhou station ZCTF, Nanjing station NJCTF, Beijing station BCTF, Fuzhou station RCTF, Guangzhou station GCTF,.A total of six powerful teams have been handed a ticket to the league finals in September.

The ZCTF offline competition of zhengzhou station oriented the region of henan province, which selects and invites the main college teams of henan province and a small number of provincial and foreign teams to participate in the competition.

Nanjing station NJCTF is positioned as a regional competition in jiangsu province, selecting and inviting teams of leading universities and social enterprises to compete in jiangsu province.

The BCTF named "360 spring and autumn cup" has invited universities and enterprises from all over the country to compete with the international teams of Ukraine, Hong Kong and macau.

GMIC XCTF OpenCTF is positioned as a regional competition of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, selects and invites the teams of beijing-tianjin-hebei region to compete, and is open to the audience of the global mobile Internet conference.

HITB GSEC CTF Singapore international league, is different from the international league before, this time, XCTF league will hold competition in Singapore for the first time, and bring the international first-class competition format and advanced experience of events into the local. 

This not only is a new starting point in the development of XCTF league, also for the domestic network security event development opened a new page, the domestic network security team for the first time go abroad overseas run competitions, this will be an unprecedented feat.

25 teams have been invited to Singapore and more teams will participate online.

This time, the game will start a new mode. Besides the 25 teams be invited to meet in Singapore, there are also global CTF teams participate the competition online after sign up at XCTF websites. The game will last for 30 hours.

The blue lotus team, as well as sponsor of XCTF league, and HITB NL team  from Dutch,  will proposition the scope of the topics while XCTF-OJ practical training platform provides technical support.

The competition organizers have offered generous rewards, and the champion of the competition will get the ticket to the final round of XCTF this season.

More information at

The team with the intention to be invited into the offline game can also log on to the website, and the registration channel will be opened on June 14. The organizer will announce the invitation list after the review.

The third XCTF international league

Hosts: National Institute of Innovation and Development Strategy

Organized by: Nanjing Cyber Peace information technology co. LTD

Co-organizer: Blue Lotus team

Technical strategic partner: Cyber Peace, Venus Tech

The event is exciting because of your enthusiastic participation. The guarantee of the event is due to the behind-the-scenes efforts of the technical personnel, while the smooth development of the event also thanks to our sponsors and partners!

The third annual XCTF tournament has been supported by numerous enterprises and partners since its self-financing, thanks to the platinum sponsor of the XCTF league, baidu security, 360; Gold medal sponsor: ant financial services, qing-ming stars.

Sponsor solicitation: maly @cyber Peace. Cn