XMan calling - "the second XCTF - XMan training camp" begins to register!

With theattention of CTF enthusiasts in more than 80 countries and regions around theworld, the XCTF international league has been successfully held to the thirdsession. XCTF league developed in a rapid speed and breed so many excellentnetwork security talents for enterprises.

This year, theXCTF will go abroad and hold in Singapore. It is  a new page for domestic CTF league.

In 2016, Thefirst xctf-xman special training camp, which was extended by the XCTFinternational league, was widely recognized and praised by the community.

Withattentions and expectations, the 2nd XCTF-XMan training camp is coming!

Time & Location

Duration 2017.7.31 – 2017.8.20 21 Days

LocationBeijing -  BUAA(BeijingUniversity of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

            Nanjing -NUAA(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)


The domestic fans on information security competition who performs well in CTF contest in the last half year. 

Instructions for summer camp enrolment

1) the summer camp adopts the enrollment system, which is oriented to the social personnel and students. Beijing and Nanjing training camp plan to recruit 50 students separately. Please take your time.

2) This is a limited amount of all students, submissions who passed review and paid, could check the email to receive the official email acknowledgement.

3) registration time: from now until July 15, 2017.

4) primary examination: July 16 (depending on the registration situation), you can enter the camp after pass the examination.

5) participation procedure: registration - primary assessment - pass assessment - pay balance - receive the camp notification – start training.


How to sign up

1) Registration process: fill in the application form, pre-payment, sent materials to the official mailbox – receive receipt - registration is successful;

2) Application form download:  download at XCTF community - the XMan channel (https://www.xctf.org.cn/xman/) , fill in the CTF name, size, team, places and the organizers of the CTF competition you attended ever. After payment for the reserved seat, sent material to the summer camp official mailbox.

3) Summer camp official email: [email protected], staff will issue a return receipt within 5 working days after receiving the email.

4) For details, please join the "second XMan summer camp consultation WeChat group". Please add the XCTF league minor secrets WeChat ID "xctf-league" first.

Special thanks to the 2nd XCTF - XMan training camp sponsor: Anheng Technology, Bangbang Security Technology!