Visual Threat, a well-known auto safety company in Silicon Valley, USA, visit Nanjing Cyber Peace and achieve strategic cooperation!

On June 28, Dr. Yanwei, the founder the famous auto safety enterprises Visual Threat in silicon valley, and Juao, the product technical director of Visual Threat, visited Nanjing Cyber Peace information technology co.,ltd. accompany by Gaoqingguan, VP of Cyber Peace.

CEO Xie Zheng and CTO Zhuge Jianwei participate in the discussion later.


Dr. Yanwei visited the cloud computing center first and Gao Qingguan introduced the details of the technical team, the product system. Then they visited and Gao introduced the evolution of XCTF league.



During the follow-up discussion, Visual Threat and Cyber Peace explored the personnel training of network attack and defense as well as automobile information security.

The director of Marketing Department of Beijing Cyber Peace briefly introduced the relevant information about automobile crack challenge in Tianjin station before both sides reached the cooperation intention.