The highest domestic specifications "hacker contest" final "shout" you watch the war

With a super brain, can rely on technical loopholes inthe network world "with the progress of the" hackers always makepeople feel very mysterious.
Reporter learned from Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) Kechuang Special Zone wasinformed that the top domestic "hacker contest" - Baidu Cup NationalNetwork Security Technology Competition finals will be held in May 2 to 4 inNanjing Zijin (Jiangning) live finals. Through the preliminaries from Shanghai,Taiwan and other places of the eight teams into the final, including Nanjing, ateam ranked fourth. "Audition" public registration channel opened onApril 1, April 10 deadline. The registration website is
How bad is the hacker?
"Far away in the horizon" remote control phone
In the online world, hackers are like being able to integrate into theuninhabited environment, free to go in and out of a private area where you havecarefully set up a "password", share your secret, steal yourinformation, and even put money on your account Looted
In the virtual network world, hackers like martial arts novels in the empty hands,these mysterious network master how powerful? One of the organizers of thishacking contest, served as China's top "white hat hackers" - Lotusteam leader, Tsinghua University network and information security laboratoryZhuge Jianwei, deputy researcher told reporters that the current hackers andsecurity personnel of the offensive and defensive Has been able to do for thelatest Andrews mobile phone, through the long-range implant, manipulation,control, so that your phone "long distance" easy to master, ZhugeJianwei explained that, in fact, white, is very concealed and tempting Sexualnetwork links, do not need too much operation, just need you to tap, hackerscan immediately become your mobile phone "far away in the horizon,"the mysterious master, all your operations on the phone, are left in itsbackground Backup, it has more control over your phone than you have.
Public WiFi internet access
Try not to pay
For hackers in terms of stealing the use of public WiFi Internet usersinformation, in the eyes of network security master Zhuge Jianwei associateresearcher, is the most "technical content" and one of the mostvulnerable means of invasion.
A WIN7 system computer, a wireless network and a network packet analysissoftware, set up a wireless hot AP, you can easily build a WiFi without apassword.
If you accidentally use, criminals may take only 15 minutes to steal personalinformation and passwords on the phone, including online banking password,stock account password, credit card account password. This free WiFi trick isnot high cost, has let many people bear no small loss.
Zhuge Jianwei, deputy researcher said that the current mobile payment more andmore popular, although some of the larger portal site or the content of thesite was encrypted, but in the public WiFi Internet access, payment is stillvery dangerous, so we better not in any unfamiliar Of the network or the publiccan easily access the password in the network using online payment.
In addition, Zhuge Jianwei suggested that more than 60% of the smart phoneusers are not to set the password protection to the phone, it is stronglyrecommended that small partners set up a hurry, this can be lost when yourphone, to win the precious risk of information theft Opportunity.