XCTF Glory Battle | 16 domestic and international team gathered!


A battle of glory is about to start!

September 12 to September 13, the third XCTF finals will be staged in Beijing National Convention Center peak duel. 16 teams at home and abroad will gather the strongest battlefield. The finals assembled the XCTF League ten station races selected eight strong clan and the league standings seven of the seven teams, but also invited 2016 second XCTF league finals champion CyKor clan To fight together!
        This season opened in November last year, has been carried out ten trials. The ten stations include the first battle of Hangzhou station HCTF, Zhengzhou station ZCTF, Nanjing station NJCTF, Beijing Railway Station BCTF, Beijing Railway Station Invitational and 360 Spring Cup International Network Security Challenge, G-Stage OpenCTF Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Invitational, Fuzhou International RCTF, Guangzhou GCTF and Global Chinese Internet Security Skills Competition, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Invitational and Global Chinese Network Security Skills Competition Guangzhou Semifinals and Singapore International Championships HITB GSEC CTF.

The 3rd XCTF International League Finals

Organizer: National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Association

Contractor: Cyber Peace Network Security, Tsinghua University Musec project team

Proposition: Blue Lotus (Blue-Lotus) clan

The only competition platform to support:Cyber Peace network security