Cyber Peace first CISP-PTE trainees all passed the exam!

        Last month, CISP-PTE certification test center 360 corporate security and CISP-PTE certification exam authoritative training institutions Xining net security hand in hand to create the most professional in the history of the most efficient test devil training camp, training camp ten-day course and simulation Test dry goods full, by the industry well-known security experts, penetration test the best-selling books for the translator team as a lecturer.
        August 21, the first devil training camp students to the examination center for the exam, today, 360 authorized test center came the good news, Xining network security training students all through the examination! This is also considered a student to study the best return, Xining network security is also the perfect realization of the commitment to your students.

A devil training camp student study

Lecturer patiently explain

        The first phase of the course is a satisfactory ending, Congratulations to you successfully passed the examination of a trainee, the majority of students should be the intention of the request, Cyber Peace net security training arrangements have been released, you want the weekend classes.