XCTF Singapore station HITB GSEC CTF perfect ending | Germany KITCTF team to win

        August 16 at 16:00 pm, by the Xining network security, blue lotus team, XCTF League and HITB jointly organized, 360 strategic support XCTF League Singapore station international competition HITB GSEC CTF came to an end, after two days of intense competition, the final KITCTF team from Germany from more than 500 teams come to the fore, setbacks, won the HITB GSEC CTF contest champion, successfully got the league finals tickets. The team's competition, from the Vietnamese Injocker 10K team ranked second, from China's Rodimus Prime clan ranked third.

The final ranking of the game

        The competition of the global CTF clan can also participate in the competition through the online, online championship team can also get the finals tickets, and ultimately, from the Chinese universities combined team Nu1L team won the first online competition, China Fuzhou University ROIS The second ranked second, China's Harbin Institute of Technology Lilac team ranked third.

The top three teams are online

        HITB GSEC CTF Singapore International Championship, unlike the previous international tournament held by the league. This time, the XCTF League for the first time to start the tournament to Singapore, but also the international first-class tournament system and advanced experience to introduce the local competition, which is not only a new starting point for the development of XCTF league, also for the development of domestic network security events opened A new page, the domestic network security team for the first time out of the country in the overseas run, this is an unprecedented initiative.

        The XCTF International League, which has been hosted by Xining Cyber Peace, has been held for the third time. Over the years, the league has been cultivating the most influential professional security events in the network security industry and cultivating talents in the network security industry. With years of accumulation, in the competition platform, the subject of deployment, CTF team, the operation of the tournament has unparalleled advantages, recognized by the industry. The current league compared with the previous two significant changes is to encourage the development of sub-regional events to promote the development of the level of attack and defense of the regional network, the current season has been seven trials, Hangzhou (Hangzhou) station HCTF, Zhengzhou station ZCTF, Nanjing Railway Station NJCTF, Beijing Railway Station International Competition BCTF, Fuzhou International Championship RCTF, Guangzhou Station GCTF, Singapore Station HITB GSEC CTF, a total of eight strong clan to get will be held in September this year, the league finals admission Coupons, the Singapore station race is the third session of the XCTF League final race.

         It is reported that this year's XCTF league finals will be held September 12-13, held in the National Convention Center, then, artificial intelligence, very secret room will shine the scene, invite you to witness the peak of the showdown carnival moment!