Nanjing Cyber Peace was selected for the top ten security companies!

September 12-13, 2017, the third XCTF international league final isofficially open at the Beijing national conference center! In the sameperiod, there was also the largest security conference in the asia-pacificregion -- the 2017 China Internet security conference (ISC2017) and theexhibition, which was invited to make its appearance at the ISC conference. NanjingCyber Peace was invited to appear at this ISC conference, and was full ofsuccess.


Nanjing Cyber Peace was listed in the top ten security companies

On September 12th, Nanjing Cyber Peace , as an expert in the field ofcyber defense, and nine other excellent security companies in the industry,were selected as the top ten security enterprises. This was to the safetyindustry quality recognition of the safety industry, and is a greatencouragement to us!


The booth cool show of the Nanjing Cyber Peace has been praised!

The chamber of secrets burst into the room, run OpenCTF

The first day of the third XCTF international league final was brilliant

On the 12th, the national innovation and development strategy researchinstitute hosted the third XCTF finals in the Beijing national conventioncenter. 15 domestic and foreign powerful teams are at the scene, chasingover 200,000 cash prizes! This competition is the international famousteam Blue Lotus (blue-lotus) proposition, the well-known security enterprise NanjingCyber Peace network security as the only competition platform support unit.

The  finals of the biggest innovation is the introduction of AI format,requirements of each team developed AI auxiliary holes mining automation tools,server deployment at the scene of the game AI tools, cooperate with the teamtogether to participate in the finals.

On the first day of the game, the game was used to solve the problem(Jeopardy) system. The AI tool independently automated the discovery andexcavation of the vulnerability, and the human team found the vulnerabilityinformation based on AI tools to exploit the vulnerability. On the secondday the game will use the AI tool to assist team to Attack the mutually guardDefense, Attack and Defense system, the first day after scoring 2000 points, asthe initial points of all the teams, more wonderful and more intense.

Chinese history is the first man machine collaborative network attack anddefense competition, at the third XCTF finals!