Cyber Peace help "the 11th security construction and training seminar"

On September 23, "seminar onprofessional construction and talent training for the 11th cyber space securitydiscipline" was held at the guesthouse in nanjing's eastern suburbs.Meeting by the central net letter Gao Jiaosi guide network security coordinationbureau, the ministry of education, colleges and universities informationsecurity professional teaching steering committee by the ministry of education,nanjing university of posts and telecommunications. Nanjing Cyber Peace as arepresentative of the enterprise network security industry, the power seminar,you sai ning CTO jianwei zhuge Dr Site for the Tsinghua & Cyber Peaceproduction-study-research cooperation Wonderful sharing power network attackand defense personnel training ".


In China, there is a great demand fornetwork space security personnel, how to cultivate the network space securitytalents in the construction of new engineering, and become the problem ofthinking of universities and colleges. Conference, Shanghai jiaotonguniversity, northeastern university, xi 'an university of electronic scienceand technology, wuhan university, sichuan university, nanjing university ofposts and telecommunications, Beijing university of aeronautics andastronautics university professor, respectively, from different angles toexplore the construction of network security professional disciplines anddepartments, to improve the quality of cyberspace security personnel trainingways and measures.

Nanjing Cyber Peace, as the general managerof the XCTF league, is positioned to be an expert in cyber attack and defense.Since its inception, has been committed to explore more practical talents,network security and the industry-university-institute cooperation with tsinghuauniversity, in the meeting, Tsinghua university network institute associateresearcher, and Cyber Peace CTO jianwei zhuge, Ph.D., detailed introduces thetsinghua & Cyber Peace better experience of"industry-university-institute" cooperation, including at tsinghua tocreate blue lotus team to develop the innovative entrepreneurial talent networkattack and defense practice achievements of the joint, Nanjing Cyber Peace  and the social from all walks of life forcetsinghua XCTF league and committed to cyberspace security personnel trainingefforts, through the offensive and defensive game, construct platform fortraining and range drills, duplicate the personnel training mode, and the studyresults on application in tsinghua network space safety course teaching andinnovative practice ability training experience sharing.