National "hacker" contest in Nanjing

XinhuaNews Agency, Nanjing, March 8 (Wang Hengzhi) BCTF "Baidu Cup"National Network Security Technology Competition on the 8th officially openedthe curtain, more than 300 teams will be in the two-day online qualifyingcompetition for eight final tickets , The tournament champion can not only getbonuses, will also get entrepreneurial support, related work and other awards.
The network security skills match against a total of more than 300 teams,nearly 2,000 people enrolled in the competition using the internationalforefront of the CTF flag seizure system, the crown runner-up bonus up to80,000 yuan, and Baidu internship work and Zijin (Jiangning) The creation ofspecial zones such as entrepreneurial support incentives. The 8-day qualifying tournamentuses an online problem-solving model to "revisit the virtual storytellingof the Mittnik (World-Famous Hacker) adventure, allowing the participatingteams to experience the adventures in an adventure fun of. After 48 hours ofonline qualifying, there will be eight teams to qualify for the final, theeight teams will be May 2-4 in Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) technologyentrepreneurs special community using a fierce offensive and defensive modelfor the peak duel , The organizers will also be held during the game"Lakeside Road" security technology forum.
China Internet Information Center released data show that as of the end of June2013, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 591 million, the Internetpenetration rate of 44.1%. According to the national computer network emergencytechnology processing coordination center sampling monitoring found that thefirst half of 2013, China has a total of 693 million hosts infected Trojans orzombies. Not entirely estimated that China's annual economic losses due tonetwork security problems tens of billions of dollars. Tsinghua UniversityNetwork Science and Network Space Research Institute, deputy researcher ZhugeJianwei said that China's network security technology professionals have beenextremely lacking in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier citiesreleased a shortage of talent directory, the network security technologypersonnel In the forefront, only a talent gap in Shanghai up to 10 million. Hebelieves that the current domestic network security industry, lack of offensiveand defensive capabilities, the lack of core technology, independent innovationand other issues, I hope this competition can dig out with superb combatcapability of professional and technical personnel to enhance China's networksecurity combat personnel training overall efficiency And level. (Finish)