Congratulations to Nanjing Cyber Peace as CNNVD technical support unit

Authorized by China information security evaluation center, according to the national information security vulnerability database (CNNVD) technical support unit plans to guide related regulations, the national information security vulnerability database (CNNVD) operation management center during may to September in 2017 to 18 applications become "CNNVD technical support unit" unit for the support ability.

After rigorous screening of the on-site defense and expert panel review,Nanjing Cyber Peace successfully passed the support capability of the national information security vulnerability repository (CNNVD) operation and management center, and was officially designated as "CNNVD level 3 technical support unit" on October 11.

The newly added 18 CNNVD technical support units are listed below:

The successful CNNVD technology support unit is both a positive and a motivation for Nanjing Cyber Peace to adhere to the enterprise of information security for a long time. In the future, Nanjing Cyber Peace will continuously strengthen technical cooperation with CNNVD, improve the detection, analysis and disposal ability of major vulnerabilities and important security incidents in China, and provide important technical support and data support for important industries and key infrastructure security work in China.