Jiangsu police academy network security competition successfully held!

Recently, the "Cyber Peace Cup" Jiangsu police academy network security professional match in the fierce competition in the team came to an end! The competition lasted for three hours, 12 teams participating, using the Cyber Peace training platform, and by the Cyber Peace network security team to provide technical support and part of the title system.

To further stimulate the students 'interest, the ability to learn spontaneously, find and train information security professionals, enhance students' network security practical skills, Jiangsu police academy carefully organized this competition, and use their own questions and Cyber Peace system Combined with the way for the students to prepare the Pwn, Web, Misc, Crypto, Reverse and other multi-directional 12 questions.

The game uses the online problem-solving CTF to win the flag way, the players answer the questions by the online answer system automatically score, and in accordance with the score to sort, named the team's ranking. Shortly after the start of the game, the clan opened the competition mode, after 3 hours of intense fighting, X68018 team skill, by solving 6 questions, score 950 points successfully won the championship.