Car safety experience into Huawei, Cyberpeace help 2017 network security activities Week

It is November of the year, went to the annual Huawei network security publicity week! After a vending machine, control camera hacking invasion experience, this year Cyberpeace will give Huawei employees how to bring different live demonstrations, so that we can further enhance the importance of network security? Immediately announced.

In the activities just ended last week, the "big guy" on the open floor drew everyone's attention. Yes, the car safety experience came! Remember this summer XMan training summer camp, Nanjing CyberPeace Technology Co., Ltd. hand in hand with the United States well-known automotive security company Visual Threat bring speed experience? This event has a live experience ~ ~

As we all know, the car plays an indispensable role in everyone's life. However, how many people really pay attention to this safety knowledge? Consider these, CyberPeace worked with Visual Threat staff to showcase the car safety crackdown first and then gather a large audience for a while with computer-controlled vehicle lights, double flashes and wipers.

The scene also prepared a prize knowledge interactive quiz - how the car was cracked? After fancy quiz, the staff announced the answer, one is physical contact attacks, is through the OBD vehicle diagnostic system; the other is through remote control, that is, without touching the case of invasion of vehicles such as Wi- Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Then through the interaction with visitors to guide the process of car crack experience, so that everyone aware of the car to crack more attack surface for better defensive reinforcement.

This vehicle safety experience exhibition adds a touch of color to the annual Weekly Week for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection and has gained favorable comments so that Huawei R & D staff can gain a closer understanding of the process of learning, interacting and experiencing on site IoT security, enhance the security awareness of things.