CyberPeace promotes 2017 college cyberspace security personnel training forum

December 2, 2017, hosted by the Ministry of Education Information Security Teaching Steering Committee, hosted by Hainan University and Tsinghua University Press "2017 colleges and universities cyberspace security personnel training summit" in Hainan Island, China Huantao Tai De Tai Hotel is held. National colleges and universities cyberspace security, information security and other teaching units of faculty leaders, course leaders and key teachers attended the meeting. The forum aims to further deepen the teaching reform of higher education, promote the construction of cyberspace security subject specialty and faculty, improve the quality of cyberspace security personnel training in an all-round way, and exchange and share the experiences and achievements in network cybersecurity training in universities.

CyberPeace promote the Forum at the same time also demonstrated a new revision of the training platform and offensive and defensive platform. Tsinghua University Institute of Network Science and Space Research Associate Professor, XCTF League sponsors, Blue Lotus leader, CyberPeace CTO Zhuge Jianwei invited to attend and entitled "CyberPeace, Tsinghua University cooperation in research, to promote network security personnel training" Made a report.

Summit Forum site, CyberPeace booth display of the new revision of the two products:CyberPeace Cyber Security Practical Training Platform and CyberPeace Cyber Security Contest Platform. The main products "CP-OJ " supports education, government and enterprises, energy, operators, public security and military, financial and other multi-industry safety training. Another product, "CP-AD ," supported nearly 100 games in the XCTF League Offense and Defense Competition, cyberspace security offensive and defensive competition in Jiangsu Province, cyberspace security skills challenge in Henan Province, China Mobile network security operation and maintenance skills race and so on

Zhuge Jianwei, Ph.D., said, "After five years of sticking, XCTF League has become the most influential brand in the world in the process we also conducted a number of innovation system. The third finals, we boldly introduced The AI competition system, requiring each participating teams are independent development of AI-assisted automated vulnerability mining tools, deployment of AI tools in the game site server, team work together. The results also made us very excited .In 20 of which there are 16 games The problem was detected by the AI tool loopholes, found that loopholes accounted for 80%, of which seven questions were successfully exploited by the human team to obtain Flag. Thus, we realized that the use of artificial intelligence methods for mining holes has become a viable approach. , Which also led our college team toward intelligent attack and defense to do related research.