Warmly congratulate CyberPeace CTO Zhuge Jianwei Wins WitAwards2017 "Security Person of the Year"!

From December 14 to December 15, the annual Internet Security Innovation Summit "FIT 2018 Internet Security Innovation Conference" hosted by FreeBuf, the leading security new media platform in China, was held in Shanghai. The event aims to bear the fruits of 2017 innovation in the security industry. 2018 across the development of a new chapter.

At the WitAwards Annual Internet Security Awards Ceremony held on the 15th, Dr. Zhuge Jianwei, associate co-founder and CTO of Tsinghua University, founder and CTO of CyberPeace  and the founder of XCTF International Network Defense League won the honorary title of " The only personal award at the conference was "The Year's Security Personnel."

At the scene, Zhuge Jianwei delivered a keynote speech entitled "The best soil for young people, you will reap a surprise." In his speech, Zhuge Jianwei talked about his own growth and entrepreneurial experiences. He said frankly that when all kinds of hardships were encountered, he went on to talk about today's fertile entrepreneurial soil. He called for more platforms and space for young people to let young people play their talents better. . For himself won the annual security figures, Zhuge Jianwei frankly, this is not only a surprise for themselves, or a heavy responsibility, will also inspire him to move on and devote themselves to the cultivation of network security professionals.