Tianjin University & CyberPeace and anti-joint joint laboratory held a ceremony

December 23, Tianjin University & CyberPeace (Nanjing CyberPeace Information Technology Co., Ltd.) network offensive and defensive joint laboratory listing ceremony, Professor Li Xiaohong of Tianjin University, Professor Xu Guangquan, Professor Duan Haixin of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Associate Research Fellow and CyberPeace CTO Zhuge Jianwei, attended the ceremony witnessed.

CyberPeace has a wealth of network security offensive and actual combat experience, the host of the XCTF League, the introduction of the International CTF competition system, has now gradually become Asia's largest and most influential network security offensive and defensive combat events platform. In order to better train cybersecurity technical personnel and embody the "collaborative" model, CyberPeace and Tianjin University cybersecurity team jointly established a cyber attack and defense joint laboratory. In the future cooperation, CyberPeace and Tianda Network Security Team will work together on a cyber attack and defense joint laboratory to closely cooperate in academic research on cyberspace security and personnel training for security and safety to jointly promote the Cyber Security Contest (CTF ) Influence in colleges and universities, cultivate more outstanding talents for the field of cybersecurity in our country, form a collaborative and innovative mechanism for sustainable production, learning and research, and provide technical and personnel support for the development of national cyberspace security and cybersecurity industries.