2017 Enterprise Security Threats Guide to a unified response to the full release, CyberPeace glory list!

Recently, fighting technology as a leading technology, FreeBuf, the leading Internet security new media in China, conducted an in-depth investigation into the current status of enterprise security in 2017 and the status of threats and security products in recent years, forming a "Guide for Uniform Responses to Corporate Security Threats." FreeBuf visited a total of nearly 100 vendors, after the statistics derived candidate list of recommended security products.

As a start-up security company, CyberPeace also made its name on this list of recommended products. The recommended reason is the quality products and services provided by the security awareness and training module.

Nanjing CyberPeace was established in 2013 and a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing was established in 2015. In 2015, Nanjing CyberPeace obtained Pre-A round financing of 10 million. Based on the development needs of national cyberspace security strategy, CyberPeace focuses on cyber security offensive and defensive combat, integrating products, security services and personnel training. Nanjing CyberPeace's main business is network security training, network security services, and the corresponding series of products such as training platform, offensive and defensive competition platform, network security offensive and defensive laboratories, network range and so on.

Since its establishment so far, CyberPeace Security has not only become a leader in the field of network security training, but also hosted the XCTF International Network Offensive and Defensive League with the most influential domestic games. The XCTF community, the largest CTF exchange platform in China, is operated and maintained. After three events , Has now become the number one network attack and defense event brand in Asia, attracting nearly 100 countries and regions more than 30,000 teams, nearly 60,000 people participate in the league.

In addition, based on the demand of network security personnel training system in colleges and universities, CyberPeace cooperates with well-known colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University, Nanda University, China Branch and Tianda University to launch in-depth school-enterprise cooperation in Jiangsu and Beijing-Tianjin- The well-known university battalion club and CyberPeace and other enterprises formed a white hat Alliance, through the organization of technical salon, school and inter-school competitions, practice projects, employment recommendation and other forms of activities to promote regional white hat safety geek culture development, ability to enhance And school-enterprise cooperation.
In the future, CyberPeace will continue to adhere to innovation and continuous reform to provide a high standard of products and services to the industry. It will also continue to explore ways and means of cultivating cybersecurity professionals by actively promoting the all-round cooperation among governments, enterprises and institutions Promote cooperation between enterprises and colleges and universities personnel training mode, and jointly create the future leaders in the field of Internet security, and from the three dimensions of "brand height", "content breadth" and "depth of technology" to promote network security training in cyberspace security teaching Products and services market advantage, to create the world's first brand of network security education industry segments.