CyberPeace 2017 | not forget the beginning of heart, tearing forward

From February 2-3, CyberPeace "Do not Forget the Beginnings, Forge Forward" 2018 Welcome Annual Conference was held in Nanjing, Nanjing, Beijing, two employees and more than 70 invited guests attended the annual meeting. On the annual meeting of CyberPeace summary of the previous year's harvest, looking forward to the promising 2018, not only wonderful song and dance programs, well-arranged round of lottery draw, and 2017 Nanjing, Beijing outstanding staff were commended, All CyberPeace happy, together!

Today, Xiaobian for everyone review compiled cypress security in 2017, please follow Xiaobian to see CyberPeace in 2017 exciting course, this article is divided into harvest articles, business articles, and articles for everyone to introduce.

Harvest articles

In the year of 2017, for CyberPeace, it is a year full of achievements. This year, CyberPeace ushered in its fourth birthday. At the same time, it gradually gained recognition from the industry with its high quality products and services.

2017 Enterprise Qualification: Quality Management System Certification ISO9001, CNCERT Network Security Emergency Service Support Unit, CNNVD Technical Support Unit Level Certificate, CyberPeace Beijing Company Received Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certificate, Jiangsu Provincial SME Certificate, 2017 Top Ten Most Innovative Startup Security Enterprise.

2017 Enterprise Honors: World Intelligence Driving Challenge Champions League Runner-up, China Regional Solutions Business 500, CyberPeace CTO won the 2017 security figure.

Business articles

product service

CyberPeace Cyber Security Practical Training Platform (CP-OJ)

It integrates "learning, practicing, measuring and evaluating" integrated design of network security training system to provide excellent courses in five major categories such as basic, professional, offensive and defensive, CTF and hot spots. It is the preferred system for training information security professionals in various industries in China.

CyberPeace Cyber Security Contest Platform (CP-AD)

It is a platform for cybersecurity competition that integrates "training, testing and competition". It provides theoretical competitions, CTF contests, A & D contests, tool libraries and vulnerability loopholes. It is the first choice of information security personnel examination and selection in various industries in China.

CyberPeace Cyber Range Platform (CP-CR)

CyberPeace Cyber Range Platform can be used in complex network infrastructure, such as red and blue confrontation exercises, information security, actual combat teaching, special environment cyberspace weapons and equipment performance, tactical evaluation and other scenarios. Users can launch the actual combat training to the latest security threats in the scene closest to the real network environment, which is the most heavyweight product in the CyberPeace training system.

Event service

In 2017, the CyberPeace product "CP-AD cyber security offensive and defensive actual combat competition platform" supported nearly one hundred events of the XCTF League events and industry events, including dozens of events in the XCTF International League, China Mobile's 2017 Safety Operation and Maintenance Competition , A Ministry of Public Security Information Security Institute selection offensive and defensive, Shandong Province Zhongfu Information Cup students solve the problem, China University of Mining Network Security Skills Competition, Jiangsu Police College, Gaochun Power Online offensive defense, Nanjing University Computer Fiesta CTF Flag elite match, a network of Jiangsu detachment and other events.

Training Services

CISP-PTE Penetration Test Engineer Training

In 2017, CyberPeace cooperates with CISP-PTE Certification Exam Center 360 Enterprise Security to create the most professional and effective penetration test engineer in the history of the devil training camp. The well-known safety lecturer in the industry penetrates and tests the best-selling book as the translator team As a lecturer, for the majority of penetration test learners to provide efficient learning aids.

Up to now, CyrberPeace has opened a total of four courses, and in Nanjing, Beijing at the same time to help hundreds of students successfully get permits.

Corporate Training

CyberPeace provides five classes of excellent courses, such as computer foundation, safety foundation, safety combat, CTF, safety preface, and massive exercise resources for enterprises. Through the precise analysis of big data, a complete talent evaluation system has been formed. In 2017, CyberPeace's training business was flourishing everywhere. It conducted trainings on certification training for CNCERT / China Mobile-CNCERT Network and Information Security Emergency (Technical Level II) certification, Shandong Electric Power and other enterprises and institutions.

XMan training summer camp

The summer of 2017, organized by the XCTF International League, Cynai network security, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University jointly sponsored the second XMan training camp held in Nanjing, Beijing, summer camp has also been the number of Societe Generale, legislation Si Chen sponsorship support, a total of 104 participants to attend a period of 21 days. This summer camp by experienced Blue Lotus team members and Tsinghua Security Laboratory researcher as a lecturer, through the real Zhenti league training, and went to the BAT, Pangu, Changting and other corporate chiefs face to face teaching. The training is rich and interesting. The training sessions include innovative teaching methods such as geek attack CS, geek secret room, off-line WIFI car cracking, happy offensive and defensive experience, and new experience. Six students are preferred to go to Singapore to represent XMAN in the Singapore International Competition.

Activity articles

XCTF League

The 3rd XCTF International League takes on the responsibility and mission of finding and cultivating network security professionals for the country. Starting from HCTF of Hangzhou Station in November 2016, after the Zhengzhou Railway Station ZCTF online and offline competition, Nanjing Railway Station NJCT online and offline competition, RCTF International Competition, BCTF International Competition, Beijing Invitational Competition, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Invitational Competition, GCTF, , Singapore International Competition and other core events. The birth of 16 finals place to enter XCTF FINALS 2017.

The 3rd XCTF International League deepens the strategic plan of "joint" and "internationalization" with the core of value. Starting from the demand for the development of network security talents ability in various provinces and cities, the demand of enterprise network security talents and the training of college network security talents, For the country, government, enterprises, colleges and universities, individual contribution network offensive and defensive competitions and network security personnel training value. League also completed the first "sea plan", landing in Singapore. At this point, XCTF has completed cooperation with GMIC, HITB, ISC and other famous global brand events and laid the foundation for Asia's No. 1 Cyber Offensive and Defensive Game.

White Hat Alliance

In 2017, under the leadership of CyberPeace, the White Hat Alliance of Jiangsu Province and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei White Hat Alliance have been established one after another, and the establishment of the White Hat Alliance aims to further strengthen the close ties between universities in the actual field of cyber security and offensive and defensive operations. Cooperation, to explore and train a large number of top cybersecurity talent echelon, at the same time the establishment of school-enterprise talent delivery train, precisely matching the business needs of employers. Subsequent CyberPeace will continue to organize more rich and meaningful activities for the alliance, create more opportunities for the vast number of colleges and students and effectively improve the actual combat skills and the quality of employment. After the establishment of the alliance, it also conducts regular salon activities among member units to exchange ideas and learn together.

CyberPeace show activities

In 2017, with its own influence, CyberPeace was invited to participate in the 429 Capital Security Day Showcase, Zhongguancun (Haidian) Software Carnival, the 11th Symposium on Cyberspace Security Discipline Construction and Personnel Training, 2017 (the fifth ) Jiangsu Internet Conference, 2017 Senior Cyberspace Security Talents Training Forum, the Third High-Level Forum on Cyberspace Security and Personnel Training, the 6th National Summit on Network and Information Security (XDef Security Summit) and other activities in the industry Word of mouth and influence continue to improve.

2017, more brilliant has passed, 2018, we will work harder ...